What is in it?

Lebasi is a product that naturally contains a wide variety of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids

  • Amino acids

    All the proteins in our body are made up of basic units called amino acids. Lebasi contains 19 of the 20 that our body requires for its proper functioning and the formation of its own proteins, which carry out different functions, from the skin formation, to the tissues regeneration in different organs such as the liver. Some amino acids are manufactured by the body, however there are others that do not, which must be acquired through food. These are known as essentials.

  • Minerals

    Minerals perform different actions in our body, many of which allow the proper functioning of organs and systems. Some participate in the formation of structures such as muscles, bones, teeth, as well as avoiding anemia and decalcification. The constant contribution of minerals is required, since important quantities are lost through sweat, urine and feces. Lebasi is a balanced natural origin source that provides some of the minerals that our body requires daily.

  • Vitamins

    They form a group of substances that work in the body in different ways. Some help regulate many activities within our body, others protect cells from damage and contribute to other nutrients being used correctly.

    Lebasi Swiss Lactoserum gives you all the Vitamins necessary for the correct functioning of your body. The two missing, vitamin D, is obtained through sunlight and vitamin K is produced by intestinal bacteria, so you have all you need in one product.

  • Disaccharides

    The natural sugars of Lactoserum provide energy and gastrointestinal benefits. Most of these are digested in the intestine providing energy, the other part, promotes greater waste disposal and better nutrient assimilation; It also promotes the intestinal growth of beneficial bacteria such as Bifidus, which protect the body from harmful substances and help reduce cholesterol levels.

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